Last year James and I took a spontaneous trip to Boston. It was my very first time being there and I was eager to see what some of the New England states had to offer. A couple of things that stood out to me while I was there were their beautiful Victorian homes and their incredibly unique street style. I remember thinking, wow, everyone here dresses so nicely. They have a distinct style that I just fell in love with. It’s a mix between academic and sophisticated, yet old fashioned and rustic. Both men and women had a tasteful fashion sense that I have yet to find anywhere else.

Perhaps it’s because they are so close to some of the most prestigious schools in the world or perhaps Boston is a proud city that just wants to preserve its history. Regardless of why, it is something that I noticed about visiting Boston, so I decided to recreate a Bostonian outfit for myself. We decided that taking pictures in our personal library would help compliment the outfit. High waisted everything has ALWAYS been my favorite. I recently bought this dark chocolate suede skirt from Forever 21. I love it because it has a slight medieval look to it with the large stitching on the sides. It stretches to form, so it always fits nice and snug. The sweater is a favorite from TJ Maxx. What I love about this sweater is the loose fit which keeps me nice and comfortable and it pairs well with the form fitted skirt. My favorite types of sweaters have always been loose turtle necks so seeing this one was a no brainer that I even got it in gray!

I paired this outfit with my round vintage frames which you can pretty much find anywhere. They complete the look by giving it that sophisticated, academic look. The leather watch and bracelet balance this piece by adding in just the right amount of accessories without taking away from the overall look. Now that it is FINALLY starting to feel like fall, I was so excited to bring this outfit to life. It’s perfect for those chilly or rainy fall days where all you want to do is hang out, read some books, and drink some tea. I hope you guys liked this Boston inspired look!! It’s quickly becoming a favorite so definitely more of these to come!!

Much love ♥




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