Heyyy guys!!!!
So I just wanted to share a little about our day we had. So something I really love to do regularly in the summer is be by a body of water. Whether it be an ocean or lake or whatever, to me it isn’t summer without being near some kind of water. James and I decided to get lunch by the lake today and it was super beautiful. We had so much fun just taking walks and enjoying the gorgeous view. We got to see the duckies swim, people out on their boats, and basically just hang out and enjoy life. To me, you don’t necessarily have to spend money to have a nice time.

I enjoy walking, exploring, having deep conversations about life, and talking about goals. Give me nature and a great conversation and I’m as happy as they come. Oh and food, you give me food and then I’m on top of the world. So James and I tried this new place ( I won’t mention any names). It seemed nice, lunch on the patio, cute scenery, whats not to love?

Dude, if there’s anything in this world I don’t like, it’s leaving a restaurant hungry. Let’s just say for the price, we should’ve gotten double the food. haha It’s hard to choose places to eat because you don’t really know what their portion sizes are going to be or what to expect at all. Especially when there’s no photos in the menu!! I mean what does “generous” portion mean anyway? Because I’m almost certain my views and their views of generous are two different things. haha Any advice I would give to someone is to definitely check reviews before taking chances at a place. It’s not fun feeling like you’ve been ripped off. If you’re anything like me, you hate to learn the hard way. From now on I will absolutely be doing my research but I’m glad we learned! Needless to say James and I were still hungry after we left, so we went and got some Mexican food. We are never…I repeat never…let down with Mexican food. haha

In fact, one of my favorite things is to get a couple of sandwiches at a local convenience store and eat at the lake. It’s a great alternative for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice scenic view to eat, without the crazy prices! So this brings me back to my original statement, you don’t have to spend money to have a great time!! Most places you are just paying for the environment you sit in anyway. The beautiful thing about the summer is you can have a picnic just about anywhere. All you have to do is keep a blanket in the back of your car (maybe a couple of disposable plates or cups and you are set to have a picnic anywhere you go! This is something I will definitely be doing a lot more of in the future!!
Thanks for reading guys!!
Much love xoxo




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