Hey! So I’ve kind of been MIA for almost a month so I decided to do a monthly collage of all the random stuff I DIDN’T blog about. Family and friends – this post is for you. I just want to start by saying this month has been exceptionally crazy, confusing, and all around weird. Nevertheless there’s a multitude of reasons why I haven’t been in “blog mode” lately but I won’t bore you with that. Instead I’ll just bore you with my actual post. To all of our family and (very few) friends- we miss youuuuuu! It’s a bummer that we can’t visit like we would like to but believe me, you guys are constantly in our thoughts. To my AV crew, love you guys! J&D you guys are our #1 and that’s saying a lot seeing as we are super picky when it comes to human relations. haha Anyways, this is starting to sound like a yearbook blurb so here we go…



  1. Did a solo trip to Locust Lake which is about an hour from where we live. Sometimes I just get random bursts of curiosity to see what incredible views I haven’t discovered. I love doing things alone once in a while because it gives me that much needed one on one with myself.
  2. You know I had to do the traditional leaves on the ground shot. I thought this year was a dud for the foliage with being in a new place and all until those few late cold October nights turned them.
  3. James and I went to Hawk Mountain, about 20 minutes from where we live. He poses in such sensual ways and I am beyond honored to be able to capture them. (Insert unenthused emoji here.)
  4. The awesome view from Hawk Mountain but didn’t see a single hawk. October is my favorite time for the outdoors. The colors are breathtaking and I don’t feel like I’m dying! 😀

  1. Our newest addition – we fell in love with this wolf painting. We love the symbolic meaning behind a wolf. It’s a protector of its pack, loyal, and fierce. I consider it my spirit animal and I was instantly drawn to this piece. The faded mountains throughout the body give us a taste of back home.
  2. Discovering the Firefly bookstore in Kutztown and James in his undeniable glory.
  3. Beautiful Kutztown campus and our excitement for the spring semester! The decision to obtain a higher degree on my behalf was a difficult one but I finally admitted to myself (and with the help of James) that I love college, I truly enjoy learning, and have greater goals and passions in life that need fulfillment. All of the paperwork and common logistics are finally over and we are beyond excited to continue our edu-ma-cation together.
  4. Random fall shot featuring our brand new festive table cloth as well as the ever classic Masters of the Macabre. Annddd of course our delicious Yankee candle – Thanks Sabrina! Also realizing that the leaf plate was much too small to accommodate that many apples.

  1. I tried Sam Adams Maple Red for the first time. I rarely drink beer but when it comes to fall time I’m all about the seasonal brews. We got the variety pack and this one was absolutely delicious and definitely my favorite.
  2. We make way too many quesadillas. I mean honestly. Like, it’s becoming a daily thing. Everything from beef, chicken, shrimp, bean, and straight cheese. It’s easily become our go to when we just want to indulge – which is most of the time.
  3. This past month we’ve been in a serious cooking mood. One night while James was at work I decided to make homemade pizza and I’m not going to lie it wasn’t bad. Definitely not pizzeria quality, but good!
  4. Listening to Halloween music and watching scary movies every night up until Halloween!

1 & 2. This was my Halloween costume this year. Super cliche and super last minute but hey I think I sort of made it work. Key words – SORT OF. It reminded me of that one scene from Mean Girls when Karen got asked what she was supposed to be and she pointed to the mouse ears on her head and says “A mouse..duh!” Yeah thats kind of how I felt.

3. No comment.

Just kidding… I really think he had great motives going in but uh…yeah. It’s ok though it’s not every day you carve pumpkins and this is in fact a learned skill!

4. Halloween night! Not a single trick or treater and several hours later here we are going out in Kutztown. James and his brother Matthew! Don’t they look just darling?  I don’t think James will ever dress up no matter how much I beg him. It was such a fun night. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. The people and their costumes had me dying. I thought for sure the inflatable Reptar was going to win the costume contest because I sure as hell knew it wouldn’t be me.

As fun as that night was I guess my body just isn’t used to being around that many people because here I am nearly 10 days after Halloween STILL SICK. It’s crazy because I never get sick. My guess is either I caught it in the midst of all the Halloween dancing or this bipolar weather has something to do with it. When you go from air conditioning to heat within a 24 hour time span you know somethings up! So here I am writing my blog post ..all bundled up, weak, and hazy. We got a Nintendo 64 for nostalgic purposes so I’ve been dominating in that, watching Sherlock like it’s my job, catching up on some reading, and hoping I wake up feeling like a new woman. Hope everyones doing swell!!
Much love ♥



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