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Good Afternoon lovelies!
I’ve come today to share a part of my life that only close people know of – my relationship with my dog. This past August marked Sadie’s 4th birthday which is probably the closest in years her and I will ever be. A lot of people look at our relationship as quite the odd one but for those people who are just as big of dog lovers as I, you get it. From the very first day I met my baby until now our love has only grown by the day.
I remember her first night I had her cradled in my arms at night as she shook and shivered and cried out of uncertainty. A few minutes later as I felt my bed get warm and wet, I couldn’t help but think of how cute she is. Most people would be upset if their dog wet their bed, and believe me if it was a cat or something I totally would have, but man there is something about the love of a dog that gets me. She is my silent companion. I tell her about my day and she looks at me as though she is really listening. We explore together, eat together, sleep together, snuggle together, and play together. Sometimes James feels like I’m in more of a relationship with my dog than him. haha

I was raised with dogs since I was a little girl. In fact, I really can’t remember a time when I was without one. My little girl is part Akita, Lab, and Boxer. She is my little black wolf, a part of my pack, and I love her. I always say to her, “Kisses on the lips, always”, before I kiss her. Most people think it’s gross, but I’m just being myself. And that means kissing my dog on the lips. Hopefully I didn’t gross you guys out too much. 😉 haha
Can anyone else relate? 😀
Much love xoxo




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